Aruba Elopement | Amanda and Eric

Destination weddings are an absolute dream for me. As someone who has an extreme passion for traveling, when I found out that Amanda and Eric were going to elope in Aruba, I’m not going to lie.. I got up from my chair and jumped up and down. I met this sweet couple at their engagement session and we bonded over things like dogs and travel, which at this point I feel like are my love languages. They told me they didn’t have a spot picked out yet for their wedding, but they knew they wanted to elope. After the engagement session, a couple months later, I got a message from Amanda asking if I’d want to go to Aruba to photograph their elopement. OF COURSE I SAID YES!! I immediately got on the phone with my husband and told him the great news! I felt so supercharged with joy that this couple loved my work enough to take me to another country where I’d be the only witness for their sweet ceremony.

After I got off the plane, I immediately started exploring with my camera. I couldn’t believe all of the color and vibrancy that Aruba had to offer. I’ve been to places like St. Croix and Honduras where the water is as blue as can be, but they don’t even compare to how beautiful Aruba was.


February 5, 2024