Destination weddings are my jam. I love getting to travel for my job, and any time I get the opportunity I am most definitely going to say yes! When Sydney asked if I would be interested in coming to California to shoot her maternity session, I jumped on the opportunity. I researched for a long time trying to come up with a location that wasn’t just on the beach since we were in Monterrey. I wanted to find somewhere that would almost take your breath away. Let me tell you… when I found this location, I was SO EXCITED. I have a slight obsession with sharks. I’ve gone cage diving in Hawaii with sharks and my ultimate bucket list item is to cage dive with Great Whites in South Africa. (I’m crazy, I know.)

I was blown away that this was an actual beach location. Now let me set the scene. It’s a warm October day, but the water in California is ice cold. The hike down to this beach was absolutely insane. It was such a steep decline and then a just as steep incline going back up. Sydney was a trooper and said, “anything for these beautiful photos.” So we made it there and back safely, and I am so glad we took the risk. These photos turned out so beyond beautiful.


October 1, 2023